Master your Tenses / de Clemente A. Francis Pitt

Master your Tenses / de Clemente A. Francis Pitt


“Research in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology has proved that Genes, which are arranged in a precise order within the chromosomes contained in cellular nuclei, follow a fixed mechanism to effect hereditary transmission” – Daisaku Ikeda.

This book, which deals with the genes of a very well known species of all time, our Verbs, evokes a profound reflection of those vividly cientific words. Have a close look at their DNA!

Remember! Tense is the relationship between a written form of an action verb and the time or moment – past, present or future – to which it refers. And; Verbal Tense is a strict combination of an auxiliary or various auxiliary verbs and one written form of the main action verb.

We can all MASTER the entire English TENSE System!

It is basically: Simple Maths! *Here’s your Key: ‘Before I Do two & Have six; I twice Will!’

Clemente A Francis Pitt, a Certified English Teacher at ‘Universidad Complutense de Madrid,’ has been teaching Natural Science and English Language at different Educational Centres, at Youth Clubs and at various University Residences in Barcelona, Spain, for over 45 years; 27 of which he spent at ‘Colegio Viaró,’ in Sant Cugat. He’s got two lovely children and actually, he is enjoying his retirement by writing.

The vision, here within, is highly essential to understand the mechanism of other Grammar Implants such as: the Active vs Passive Voice adjustments, the Conditional settings, Reported Speech, … That clear view is only one step ahead of you!

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